Welcome to GuidesLab.io!

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July 15, 2022
Welcome to GuidesLab.io!

Learn what is GuidesLab and how to submit your guide.

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Welcome to GuidesLab!

GuidesLab is a plugin for Figma in which you can learn design and Figma from other community members. You can also share your knowledge by submitting your guides.

How to submit your guide?

Become the GuidesLab Author and share your knowledge with the Figma Community.

  1. Open this link.
  2. Fill in the form with your guide details.
  3. Submit your guide.
  4. After submitting your guide, you will receive a confirmation request in your email. Confirm your submission by clicking the link in the message.
  5. Now, wait until I review your submission.
  6. Once your submission is approved, I will add your guide to GuidesLab. I will notify you about it via email and you will receive a link to your guide that you can share with your audience.

🤔 How to format your guides in Notion?

View this guide as an example. Notice that keyboard shortcuts need to be Mac and wrapped in square brackets.

✅ What you can submit to GuidesLab:

  • Step-by-step text guides on design in Figma
  • Step-by-step text guides on design in FigJam
  • Figma tips and tricks
  • FigJam tips and tricks
    Your guides can also contain GIFs with instructions for each step.

❌ What you can’t submit to GuidesLab:

  • Videos (videos are not supported yet)
  • Articles
  • Content not related to Figma / UI design
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